The Secret To Getting More Response From Your Advertising

A lot of things need to go right for you to get a return on your invested advertising dollar.  You need to buy the correct media, at the right time, and at the right level of repetition.  Then be sure your store, website and employees are ready to maximize any response to the advertising.  And finally — you must create an appealing offer or unique selling point so people have a reason to respond.   

The secret to getting more response is developing multiple offers that appeal to all customers in the buying process for your product or service.  In addition to focusing on those ready to buy — engage the larger pool of customers not ready to buy yet — who may buy in the future.  

The illustration below is a typical buying funnel starting with Awareness, then Interest, then Desire, and finally Action. At any given moment there are people ready to buy your product or service — people ready to take Action.  Depending on your type of industry, only a small percentage of a given population will be Action buyers, the vast majority are in the other stages.  

My sales coach Matt Nettleton operates a Sandler Sales Training business in downtown Indianapolis, and he does a great job at appealing to buyers in every stage of the buying process for sales training. 

Low threshold offers:  Matt often advertises free books, white papers and other research as a free gift to people who are interested in learning about his sales training and what it can do for them.  These non-buyers are willing to provide their email address in exchange for some valuable information, but they’re not ready to interact with anyone in person.  

The more helpful and valuable this information is will determine how engaged the customer becomes with your business. Do them a favor, share some secrets about your business while they do their research, and they’ll reward you later with a purchase.

Medium threshold offers:  Matt also conducts free seminars to encourage potential clients to experience a his services at no charge. These events attract people further along in the buying process, beyond Interest and moving towards a Decision.  They’re willing to experience a higher level of commitment, to physically interact with someone.  This type of personal interaction gives Matt a great opportunity to convert people into buyers. 

High threshold offers.  Matt also conducts paid seminars, like this Sandler Sales Training Boot Camp.  These folks are ready to take Action! These customers are ready to buy and the question your ad should answer is — why should they buy from you? The rationale provided shouldn’t be how long you’ve been in business, or that you are a family owned business, or that you are locally owned. 

 Intelligent Advertisers understand there is value beyond just making a sale, because the value in gathering contact information from warm leads means you can continue to market to them more inexpensively through email and regular mail.  You now have an invitation to guide them through their buying journey.